Let’s Roam!

Exotic Getaway

Have you heard of Roam? It’s every digital nomads paradise – website that helps you live around the world for short periods of time. An international network of interchangeable, design-led communal living spaces. We finally don’t have an excuse to stay in one place any longer!

Roam is for people who crave to live according to their interests and curiosities not chained by a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. For $500 a week, you can hop from Ubud to Miami to Madrid, with more cities on the way.

It’s different from Airbnb or any couch surfing service, it’s based on a sense of community and close ties to local communities. My ultimate dream come true! Roam has the potential to innovate in global housing in a time where an entire generation of young people is seeking global experiences more than ever before.

The platform allows travellers to book private suites on a weekly basis. The best part is that every facility comes with a cowering spaces – long live the freelance job!

So get out, leave the ordinary, live life one week at a time and sign a lease that lets you live around the world!


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