Traveling is the best way to learn.


I love to learn new things, acquire new skills and educate myself. Unfortunately sometimes I don’t get around to it, I can’t seem to find time in my busy schedule to learn more about the things I truly enjoy and love.

And then, when it’s time for a new trip, learning seems to be a piece of cake. Whether a day trip to a metropolitan city, a hike around the country or a trip to the sea, you always learn something. Be it a few words in a foreign language, habits and customs or literally learning facts about a country and its history.

And it doesn’t even feel like learning because you don’t have to study. I remember how I used to try to cram endless amounts of facts revolving around different topics for school and for university into my head. As soon as my exams were over, everything was erased immediately. However, the things I learn while traveling I never seem to forget.

They are connected to experiences, adventures and in essence to my identity. Not only does my mind learn and my horizon widen, I seem to alter and change with every experience I make, every person I meet along the way and every country I visit.

There is no substitute for experience. When you’re traveling, you are exposed to so many different things – you can read about a place or a historical event but nothing compares to actually being there, following the footsteps of history. You come to a deep understanding that can’t be achieved in any other way.


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