Yup, it’s healthy to spend all your money on traveling.

It turns out that I’ve been right all along. Traveling makes you happier than most other things do. It’s good for you! According to science, experiences do make you a lot happier than things. And the simple reason for this is adaptation. Whenever we buy something – a car, the newest TV or the purse we’ve always wanted, we do get excited. But this feeling of happiness seems to fade after time. As time passes, everything we buy becomes ordinary to us and we get less and less excited about it.

As Huffington Post pointed out, the things we buy become wallflowers of our lives whereas experiences become part of our identity. They don’t get out of fashion so we don’t have to substitute them. It is so much easier to feed off of those trips you went on as a child than the pair of jeans you only bought one year ago. We’re the sum of our total experiences. 

Not only do experiences make us happier as individuals, they facilitate a deep connection to the people around us, our family, friends or the stranger you meet meandering the world. And for all you doubters out there: stop thinking you don’t have enough money or time to travel. Or maybe you find an entirely different reason not to travel?!

Curiosity and an adventurous spirit shatter all boundaries. And in the end it’s not only about  trips that take you to a different continent, it is about collecting experiences and sharing them with others. Go to a museum, talk a walk around the forest nearby or really do hop on a plane and explore a place you’ve never visited before.

Whatever you choose, spend your money on experiences rather than things, it’ll make you much happier.



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