The 5 ultimate tips for air travel.

As I just embarked another international long-haul flight (my trip to Southeast Asia started last week!!), I thought I’d collect my best tips for air travel.


1. Fly overnight
It might be a personal preference but I’d definitely rather fly overnight when I’m boarding an international flight. It is much easier to sleep when it’s actually dark outside. Also, you arrive at your destination early in the morning which gives you all the time to freshen up and enjoy a full first day at your destination.

2. No stopover in the US
If you can, try to not have a stopover in the US. If it’s inevitable, try to schedule at least 4-5hours for your layover. 3 hours as a layover often isn’t enough as the lines at immigration are super long and airports like Atlanta, Miami or Chicago are just massive.

3. Always check in online
It might not save you a lot of time at the airport since most of the people tend to check in online now but I still do it for one simple reason – I can choose my seat. On long flights I prefer to select an aisle seat. This way I don’t have to disturb my seat neighbours whenever I want to get up to walk around or go to the bathroom.

4. Pack your carry-on smartly
It is always worth to pack some underwear, a toothbrush and some moisturizer into your carry on. Also take your valuables with you! If your suitcase gets lost you don’t have to worry about feeling like yourself during your first days.

5. Get comfortable
This simply means – wear sweatpants, take a big scarf, socks and drinks lots and lots of water. You will thank yourself later when you actually manage to get some sleep during the flight and wake up rejuvenated.

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