The ebb and flow of Canada

Today’s post brings you back to my trip to Canada. As I mentioned before, I had a long bucket list with things I wanted to see and do. But the main reason I went to Canada was my friend’s wedding. So planning an itinerary was inappropriate and almost impossible. In everyday life, I am an avid and notorious planner. Checking off to do lists makes me happy and seeing progress just keeps me going. I also plan my trips. Right after booking a flight I ALWAYS immediately buy a travel guide. I relish this time of anticipation and daydreaming about the new adventures and experiences. But, I never plan too much. Like when I was planning my trip to Asia. It is all about doing the right amount of planning. Knowing where you want to go? Yes. Planning out every single hour of every single day? No. At least not for me.

Back to Canada – we had a frickin’ wedding to plan. Well, the planning was done so it all had to be put into place now. The wedding was being held on the family’s land so we did everything ourselves – the decoration, the setting up of the tent, the tables and the bar, planning every detail for the ceremony and the party and on top of all of that memorizing a flashmob-type choreography for the first dance.

While we were doing all of that, I got to see the most beautiful places in all of Alberta. Before we knew it, we had been to Lake Louise, seen Canmore and had a couple of beers in a local pub there, taken a roadtrip on the Icefields Parkway through Banff and Jasper National Park all the way up to the Athabasca Glacier and the Glacier Skywalk, did all my shopping of my favourite North-American brands (yep, always a must!) and visited a traditional bull riding contest in rural Cochrane. That’s six items of my bucket list in only three days.

What I learned from this, is that while traveling I will always let go of my finicky and detail oriented character traits. Eventually, everything fell into place without even trying. For our trips as well as for the wedding. These two weeks were definitely the highlight of this year for me. A country as magnificent as Canada and a wedding that couldn’t have been any more perfect, personal and memorable. As Corrie said, we just went with the ebb and flow of the crazy busy days and everything turned out exactly the way we imagined.

Here’s a little snapshot aka my first attempt at videography:

In case you’re wondering, I am not the biggest Taylor Swift fan – the song was part of my bridesmaid’s “speech” for the wedding.

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