10 things not to miss out on in Wales.

1. See at least one of the numerous castles.
Let’s start with the obvious, Wales is full of castles. You simply have to see one of them. My personal favourite is Castle Coch, just outside Cardiff. Hidden away in a forest, it looks like the place Rapunzel would live in.

2. Go to Tenby and pretend you’re in Italy.
Forget raved about and highly hyped Portmeirion. Who charges you to visit a city anyway?


3. Go to Snowdonia.
Hike. Drive. Walk. Whatever. Just being around these intensly massive and humbling mountains makes your jaw drop.


4. Eat Welsh Cakes.
Yup, addict speaking. And I am not the only one. Seriously, no one can resist these innocent-looking circles of heaven. Eating them feels like your birthday, Christmas and Easter together. After trying them everywhere around Wales, I can tell you that you get the best ones at the Cardiff Central Market.

5. Get lost in the magic of Tintern Abbey.
Some might think it’s just a ruin. Yeah well, that’s a pretty adequate description. But it is simply magical. These ancient walls and pillars when the sun shines through them is a sight for sore eyes.


6. Book a hidden-away homestay on Airbnb.
Best decision I feel I have ever made. I will never forget spending a night in a hidden wooden cottage in the middle of nowhere, listening to birds, swaying trees and a tiny creek. Thank you Janine!

7. Cardiff and its famous teahouses.
They are all over the internet, their reputation is over the moon and they are so worth it. My personal favourite will always be the Barker Tearooms in the High Street Arcade. Nothing can beat those comfy armchairs.

8. Skrinkle Haven.
You might ask yourself what I am raving about. It’s a beach at the Pembrokeshire Coast and it is gorgeous. Being scared of heights didn’t stop me from climbing one of the peaks that hover over the ocean.


9. Devil’s Bridge.
Again, middle of nowhere. After driving for hours and hours we had high expectations and weren’t even sure if this place even existed. It might be a touristy place and yes, you have to pay an entrance fee but I would strongly encourage you to visit it. Waterfalls, bridges, steep staircases and breathtaking views will definitely make up for it.


10. Just drive.
Wales doesn’t have many highways so you’ll find yourself on some of the narrowest streets you will ever see in your life. Even for a European it’s pretty scary driving them. But everything is just so enchanting, you feel like you’re in the middle of a fairy tale. Get out of your car whenever you think there might be something worth seeing behind the next corner. This is what we did and some of the places we found will forever stay in my mind about this humbling country.


…and travel with your best friend, it just makes life so much happier.

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