The Beaches.

Aside from spectacular views and breathtaking villages, Santorini offers various beaches to relax and recharge from climbing up the caldera. There are three main beaches: Kamari, Perissa and the Red Beach. Perivolos is also one of the beaches, famous for high class restaurants and wealthy tourists. All of them are located at the outer side of the island, where the ground is close to the sea level so that you can easily access the ocean. The sand consists of small black lava flows. This is due to Santorini being a former volcano.


Kamari is the beach we tried first during our trip. Getting there is best by bus – several buses leave from the main bus terminal in Fira troughout the day (timetables are available at the bus terminal). Tickets for the bus are bought in the bus and vary from 1,30-2,10€ depending on the location you’re heading to. Kamari Beach is located at a promenade with different small shops and restaurants. Due to the fact that some parts of the beach belong to the hotels there, you have to pay for the sunbeds at the beach. The price ranges from 7-10€ for the day. You can also order drinks and food from the restaurants at the promenade. The waiters will serve you directly at your sunbed! Most of the tourists coming to Kamari are aged between 30 and 60 years, so it is very calm and relaxing there.

The Red Beach is very different from all the other beaches in Santorini. It is not directly accessible by bus. You can either walk from the bus stop or take a boat that will take you around a cliff. Since Marina and I had the information that it is possible to sunbath at the Red Beach we planned on going there for a day. After arriving at the Red Beach we realized that it is mainly a famous sight now. After talking to local people about the beach, we were informed that several years ago, the hills around the Red Beach spilled rocks so that it is now dangerous to lay down there. But we were still able to take some cool pictures of the beach – the red lava cliffs build a beautiful contrast to the dark blue water and the blue sky.

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Our favourite beach was definitely Perissa Beach! The bus from Fira leaves you directly at the beach promenade. Just as at Kamari Beach, there are a bunch of restaurants and snack bars located at the promenade. You can either sit down and enjoy a meal or you can just choose the sunbeds that belong to the restaurant of your choice and order there. Marina and I always chose the “Corner Snack Bar and Café”. You can recognize their sunbeds by their green paint. The wooden sunbeds are topped up with leater cushioning to make it as comfortable as possible. Once you lay down, one of the waiters informs you that you can use their sunbeds and umbrellas for free. You do not need to order something to spend your day there. But I strongly advice you to do so! They offer meals ranging from breakfast, salads, warm lunches, drinks, donuts to sandwiches and ice cream. Everything on the menu is reasonably priced and delicious! My personal recommendation would be coming to the beach early when it is still kind of empty and ordering a greek breakfast with toast, greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts, orange juice and a coffee of your choice! Enjoy this breakfast laying on your sunbed. What makes your stay at Perissa Beach even more enjoyable are the courteous, happy, smiling and interested waiters. If needed, they give you advice on what to choose and always make you feel welcome and perfectly catered. When you come back several times during your stay, you will already feel like you know the waiters – our waitress always welcomed us with a “Hi Girls!”, asked us how we were and was always open for a little chat!



Depending on what you expect from your day at the beach in Santorini, all of them have something to offer to make you relish your stay on the island. Relaxation and a beautiful view of the Aegean are guaranteed at all of them!


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